Roncore Media

What is Roncore Media

Roncore Media is not a traditional publisher. In fact, with the exception of Without Firing a Shot, we don't publish books at all. In addition, we have also designed and created basic websites for friends and associates. Nothing fancy, mind you, but they do get the intended message across.

Currently, Roncore Media and this website are primarily dedicated to featuring books published by everyday people who chose to express themselves and their creativity through the written word - and found the courage to share those talents with the world. You won't find any well known authors on this site, but you may find a book worth reading.

Here are the books currently featured:

Beneath the Silver Lining by Amanda Wolfe
Without Firing a Shot by Ron Walker
The Black Cloud of Kandar by Papadave Berry

Please take the time to read more about them. If you have any comments or questions, use our Contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.